Song: Falling

[This being a one week task set by the Ukulele Songwriters’ Alliance]

Some are spellbound by love’s beauty,

In their lover’s thrall –

They can’t help it when they fall.


Others climb love in a frenzy,

Up Love’s Eiger Wall –

Lose their grip and then they fall.


I was falling unawares,

I woke up and thought –

I’m her’s…


Some go seeking Royal darlings,

Climb their palace walls,

Featherbeds may break their falls.


Some go hunting for love’s danger,

Hear its bugle call –

Shots ring out and then they fall.


You walked past the lovers’ zoo,

Saw a human –

Thought I’d do.


Some think it’s appalling,

They’re not good at falling,

They’ll wait till they meet someone nice.

But they get a surprise

When their temperatures rise

And they hear a loud crack in their ice!


Some say love is always flying,

Grounded love appals,

Fairy wings might slow their falls.


Back on Earth the terror’s firmer,

As we hit the ground,

Love’s the balm that nature’s found.


Though the Earth’s a spinning ball,

I will catch you if you fall.





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