Song: Slow Dancing

I’ll add the music to this at some point. I’ve had a go at adding the chords for a GCEA ukulele.

(C) On the coast there’s a dance hall

(G) And I think that it’s seen better (C) days.

(C) When the band starts a tune up

(G) I notice you’re starting to (C) sway.

(C) And the couples are (Am) dancing,

(Am) And it’s lovely to (C) see.

(C) Though work owns our (Am) day time

(Am) Our night times are (C) free.

(C) And I hold out my (C7) hand

(G) And you start slow dancing with (C) me.


(C) Though the band are beginners

(G) Tonight they can do nothing (C) wrong.

(C) Though we don’t know the (G) words,

(G) We’re certain they’re singing our (C) song.

(C) And everyone’s  (Am) dancing,

(Am) In this fine com (C) pany

(C) And like others before (Am) us

(Am) Our dance sets us (C) free.

(C) And I’m glad that you’re (C7) dancing

(G) Glad you’re slow dancing with (C) me.

[Middle 8]

(C) And far below our dancing feet

(G) The Earth’s a fiery (C) ball

(C) But your lips are soft and (G) sweet

(G) As Eve’s before the (C) fall.

(F) And the footprints on the beach

(D) The tide will wash (C) away.

(C) But the love that we can reach

(D) Might last another (C7) day.


(C) Outside on a hoarding

(G) The words say our ending is (C) nigh.

(C) But tonight we don’t (G) care

(G) ‘Cos you’re my girl, I’m your (C) guy.

(C) And if we’re on (Am) Titanic

(Am) And there’s ice in the (C) sea.

(C) If the band’s playing on

(Am) We know our destin (C) y.

(C) And I’m glad that you’re  (C7) dancing…

(G) Glad you’re still dancing with (C) me.


(C) Da da dah, (G) da dah da, (C) da dah da (G) Da dah da (C) da dah!














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