Twinning Society! Le Grand Depart

Dear Twinners! Here is the Chorus to Le Grand Depart:

When we had our Grand Depart,

On your bikes, au revoir, big Ta Ra,

Le Peloton went past in a glance,

Some folks took t’ chance for a weekend romance,

But we all said that Yorkshire wor t’ star!

When we had our Grand Depart.

[Dear French guests: the definite article t’  (for ‘the’) is lightly voiced and forms the ending of the preceding word: e.g. wor t’ is voiced as wert.]

Some people from the song: Norah Batty was a fictional character from a comedy series set in Yorkshire. Sacha Distel was a famous French singer, who was popular over here, Alan Bennett is a famous Yorkshire writer and General De Gaulle, amongst many other things was famous for saying ‘Non!’ when the British wished to join the Common Market!





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