Home for Christmas

Oh they told me ‘Home for Christmas,’

When they took my name from me.

When I told them, I’m an orphan,

Said, ‘We’re your family.

But if you’ve a Miss you’ll miss,

Better leave her name.

Tell her you’ll be home for Christmas,’

And I thought of you Elaine.


And I thought I saw you running,

When we marched towards the train.

And the drums were gently drumming

To the patter of the rain.

And you brought your lips to kiss

‘Fore we pulled away.

Telling me, ‘Be home for Christmas,’

As I waved to you Elaine.


And the ship’s engines were churning,

To the beat of that refrain.

And I thought of all the sailors

Lying deep beneath the main.

And their voices whispered

Like a chorus of the slain,

Telling me, ‘Be home for Christmas,’

As a mantra for the sane.

[Extended Drumming rising to pitch]


And the bullet was a greeting

Sent by a stranger’s hand.

And again I am an orphan

Lying here in No Man’s Land.

And my last wish

Is to kiss you again.

But the drums are slowly fading

As I think of you Elaine.

[Drums…slowly fade out]








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